About us

TEC-Holland B.V. was founded in November 2016 in The Netherlands. Acknowledging the lack of innovation regarding to gaskets and industrials pumps within several industries, we started the business aiming to be innovators in what we do: offering unique and high performance products such as the patented fishbone gasket and several industrial, and even submersible pumps.

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Our top product: the patented Fishbone gasket

The Fishbone gasket is an internationally patented gasket incorporating an innovative selfenergizing design for high performance sealing. It combines the best of both spiral-wound gaskets and kammprofile gaskets. Some of the advantages of the fishbone gasket are e.g. it replaces all all spiral wound and kammprofile gaskets; it won't damage your flange life kammprofile; its unitary design eliminates unwinding issues of spiral wound gaskets; it has a patterned Stop– Step design (which prevents over compression of sealing element by fluid pressure), and it has a rounded edge, angled metallic reinforcement is self– energized by fluid pressure.
We have a high-quality standard, ensuring you the best of the best.
The products we sell are environmentally friendly.
We value our customers, and we always put them first. Satisfying your needs is our mission.
You can always reach us. No unnecessary middlemen.