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Tunnel thrusters are installed in the bow or stern to improve mooring, maneuvering at low speed, as emergency steering and positioning at zero or slow forward.
Depending on the type of vessel, the application area for tunnel thrusters ranges from short berthing and unloading in harbors to continuous operation under extreme load in demanding offshore applications with dynamic positioning (DP).
To meet the many demands of the many types of ship used worldwide, Thrustmaster engineers design tunnel extenders of aluminum or steel equipped with electric permanent magnetic (PM) or hydraulic drives.

Thrustmaster tunnel thrusters are equipped with high-quality fixed pitch propellers.
Thrustmaster tunnel thrusters are also supplied as “Class Thruster”. This can be done under one for the complete classification or for the thruster assembly only. For most applications for docking assistance, full class certification is not required. When the ship is classified, an MTR is normally required. MTR is certification of the tunnel material and the welds to ensure that the watertight integrity of the hull is maintained. Class can be ABS, DNV-GL, BV, LR, CCS, etc.
Via the link to website below you can find information regarding the execution and installation. https://www.thrustmaster.net/tunnel-thrusters/
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