AIGI patented Fishbone™ gaskets

1,000,000 times lower leakage then TA-LUFT Test limit
25 times lower leakage than CFET Test limit
PASS API 6FB Fire Test

The Fishbone™ Gasket is a recent innovation in the traditionally boring gasket market, and hopefully the ultimate solution for high-temperature and high-pressure sealing problems.

Gaskets are an important factor in plant safety. This is especially true for the industries moving lots of fluid, such as oil and gas sector, chemical plants, paper mills and power plants. Similarly, pipelines flow volatile chemicals and hot pressurized steam with fluids passes at millions of connecting points, including flanges, valves seats, heat exchangers and reactor covers. Companies need reliable ways to seal – companies need gaskets.

Ideally, a good gasket should be both strong and elastic; yet in practice, it’s difficult to balance one quality with the other. In over 90% of high-temperature and high-pressure applications, plant engineers face two primary options: the spiral-wound gasket and the camprofile gasket. What’s wrong with those options? Why do we need a new design? The short answer is that though great inventions in their time, both are old designs that have difficulty maintaining strength and flexibility at the same time.

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